does sally’s do curbside pickup

Yes, Sally’s does offer curbside pickup for the convenience of its customers. Curbside pickup has become increasingly popular as people seek ways to minimize contact and maintain social distancing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To cater to these changing needs, Sally’s has implemented curbside pickup services to ensure a safe and convenient shopping experience for its customers.

How Does Sally’s Curbside Pickup Work?

To avail of Sally’s curbside pickup service, customers can follow these simple steps:

  1. Place an order: Customers can browse through Sally’s website or mobile app to select the products they need. They can add the chosen items to their cart and proceed to the checkout page.
  2. Select curbside pickup: During the checkout process, customers need to select the curbside pickup option as their preferred delivery method. They may need to provide additional information such as their vehicle details to help the store locate them easily.
  3. Confirm the order: Before finalizing the purchase, customers should review their order and ensure that all the details are correct. They can also apply any available discounts or promotions at this stage.
  4. Place the order: Once everything is in order, customers can proceed to place their order. They will receive an order confirmation along with an estimated pickup time via email or SMS.
  5. Pickup: On the designated pickup day and time, customers should drive to the Sally’s store they selected during checkout. They can park in the designated curbside pickup area and follow the instructions provided in the pickup confirmation message.
  6. Customer verification: Upon arrival, customers may need to call the store or check-in through the mobile app to notify the staff about their arrival. They may be asked to provide their order number or other necessary details for verification purposes.
  7. Delivery to vehicle: Once the staff verifies the customer’s order details, they will bring the items to the customer’s vehicle. The staff will place the items in the trunk or backseat to ensure a contactless delivery process.
  8. Review and enjoy: Customers can review their order to ensure everything is as expected while still at the pickup location. Once satisfied, they can head home and enjoy their Sally’s products.

This streamlined process allows customers to enjoy the convenience of shopping at Sally’s while minimizing contact and maintaining a safe shopping experience.

Benefits of Sally’s Curbside Pickup

There are several benefits of opting for curbside pickup from Sally’s:

  • Convenience: Curbside pickup saves customers from searching through the store aisles and waiting in line. They can conveniently browse and order their desired products from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Time-saving: By choosing curbside pickup, customers can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent physically going to the store, searching for products, and waiting at the checkout counter.
  • Minimize contact: Curbside pickup allows customers to maintain a safe distance from others, reducing the risk of exposure to viruses or other illnesses. This is particularly important in times of public health concerns.
  • Flexibility: Customers can schedule their curbside pickup according to their convenience, eliminating the need to adhere to store operating hours. They can choose a pickup time that best suits their schedule.
  • Order accuracy: With curbside pickup, customers have the opportunity to review their order before accepting it. They can ensure that all the desired items are included, and if any issues arise, they can address them immediately with the staff.

Additional Services at Sally’s

Sally’s not only offers curbside pickup, but also provides various other services to enhance the customer experience:

Online ShoppingCustomers can conveniently shop for their favorite products online through Sally’s website or mobile app.
In-store PickupFor customers who prefer shopping in-store, Sally’s also provides an option for in-store pickup where customers can collect their items at the store’s designated pickup counter.
Home DeliveryIn addition to curbside pickup, Sally’s also offers home delivery services for those who prefer to receive their orders at their doorstep.
Product RecommendationsSally’s provides personalized product recommendations and expert advice to help customers find the most suitable products for their needs.
Reward ProgramsCustomers can sign up for Sally’s reward programs to earn points on their purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts, free products, or other exciting offers.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Sally’s values customer satisfaction and continuously strives to improve its services. If customers have any feedback, suggestions, or concerns regarding the curbside pickup or any other aspect of their experience, they are encouraged to reach out to the Sally’s customer support team. Customer feedback helps Sally’s understand its customers’ needs better and enhance their overall shopping experience.


Sally’s offers curbside pickup as a convenient option for customers to safely and efficiently receive their orders. With a user-friendly online platform and a well-structured pickup process, Sally’s aims to provide a seamless shopping experience for its valued customers. Whether customers prefer curbside pickup, in-store pickup, or home delivery, Sally’s strives to meet their needs and ensure their satisfaction.