does upwork do background checks

Yes, Upwork does conduct background checks on its freelancers as a part of their hiring process. These checks help ensure the safety and security of clients who engage with freelancers on the platform. Upwork recognizes the importance of maintaining a trustworthy and reliable marketplace, which is why they have implemented background checks to verify the qualifications and credentials of freelancers.

Types of Background Checks

Upwork performs various types of background checks to gather comprehensive information about freelancers. These checks include:

  • Identity Verification: Upwork verifies the identity of freelancers through multiple methods, such as government-issued identification documents, social media profiles, and video interviews.
  • Criminal Background Checks: Upwork conducts criminal background checks in collaboration with reputable third-party vendors to identify any criminal records or convictions.
  • Education and Employment Verification: Upwork verifies the educational and employment background of freelancers to confirm their qualifications and experience.
  • Drug Screening: In certain cases, Upwork may require freelancers to undergo drug screening to ensure a safe work environment.

By performing these background checks, Upwork strives to provide clients with reliable and trustworthy freelancers for their projects.

Implementation Process

Upwork follows a comprehensive process to conduct background checks on its freelancers. Here’s an overview of the implementation process:

  1. Application Submission: Freelancers submit their applications on Upwork, providing relevant information about their skills and experience.
  2. Preliminary Screening: Upwork’s team reviews the applications and conducts initial screenings to assess the eligibility of freelancers.
  3. Background Check Consent: Freelancers who pass the preliminary screening are required to provide consent for background checks.
  4. Verification Process: Upwork collaborates with trusted third-party vendors to conduct comprehensive background checks based on the freelancer’s consent.
  5. Results Review: Once the background checks are complete, Upwork’s team reviews the results to ensure compliance with their policies.

Benefits of Background Checks

Background checks offer several benefits to both clients and freelancers on Upwork:

  • Client Safety: Background checks provide an added layer of security and peace of mind for clients, knowing that freelancers have undergone verification processes.
  • Quality Assurance: By verifying freelancers’ credentials and qualifications, Upwork maintains a high standard of quality and professionalism within its marketplace.
  • Trust and Credibility: Background checks build trust and credibility between clients and freelancers, fostering positive working relationships.
  • Efficient Hiring: Clients can make informed decisions based on verified information, streamlining the hiring process.

Understanding the Limitations

While background checks are an essential aspect of Upwork’s hiring process, it’s important to understand their limitations:

  • Time-Sensitive Information: Background checks provide up-to-date information at the time of verification, but changes in a freelancer’s background may occur after the checks are conducted.
  • Non-Exhaustive Investigation: Background checks cannot guarantee the absence of any misconduct in a freelancer’s past. They provide information based on available records at the time of verification.

Therefore, clients should exercise due diligence by thoroughly reviewing freelancers’ profiles, portfolios, and client feedback to make well-informed hiring decisions.


Upwork understands the importance of client safety and maintains a commitment to providing a reliable and trustworthy marketplace. Through their comprehensive background checks, Upwork ensures that clients have access to talented freelancers who meet their specific requirements. These checks play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and credibility of Upwork’s platform, offering clients a safe and efficient hiring experience.