does concentra do tb testing

Yes, Concentra is a healthcare company that offers TB testing services.

The Importance of TB Testing

TB (Tuberculosis) is a contagious airborne disease caused by bacteria that primarily affects the lungs. It can be a serious health concern if left untreated, which is why early detection through testing is crucial. Identifying TB carriers and providing appropriate treatment not only helps individuals but also prevents the further spread of the disease within communities. That is why healthcare organizations like Concentra play an essential role in offering TB testing services.

Concentra’s TB Testing Process

When you visit Concentra for TB testing, they follow a comprehensive process to ensure accurate results. Here’s a breakdown of their standard procedure:

  1. Consultation: A healthcare professional will review your medical history and assess your risk factors for TB.
  2. Testing Methods: Concentra offers different types of TB tests, including the Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) and the Interferon-Gamma Release Assay (IGRA). The specific test recommended for you will depend on various factors, such as your age, previous TB exposure, and specific health conditions.
  3. TB Test Administration: The chosen test will be administered by a trained healthcare professional. This typically involves injecting a small amount of testing substance, either under the skin or through a blood sample.
  4. Reading the Results: After the specified waiting period, the healthcare provider will interpret the results of your TB test. This typically involves examining the injection site for skin reactions or analyzing the blood sample for specific markers. The healthcare professional will explain the results to you and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Documentation: Concentra will provide you with documentation of your TB test results, which may be required for various purposes, such as employment, travel, or immigration.

It’s important to note that in certain cases, further testing or evaluation may be necessary, especially if the initial TB test result is indeterminate or requires clarification.

Additional Services Offered by Concentra

Besides TB testing, Concentra offers a range of comprehensive healthcare services, ensuring all your medical needs are met under one roof. Some of the additional services they provide include:

  • Occupational Health Services: Concentra specializes in occupational health, offering services such as pre-employment screenings, work injury care, drug testing, and more.
  • Urgent Care: Concentra’s walk-in urgent care centers provide prompt medical attention for non-life-threatening issues, such as minor injuries, illnesses, and infections.
  • Physical Therapy: If you require rehabilitation services, Concentra’s licensed physical therapists can develop personalized treatment plans to help you recover and regain functionality.

By offering these additional services alongside TB testing, Concentra aims to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions for individuals and businesses alike.

Availability and Locations

Concentra has a wide network of clinics across the United States, making it convenient for individuals to access their healthcare services. With over 520 centers in 44 states, Concentra clinics are accessible to many communities and offer convenient appointments, including walk-in options.

To find a Concentra location near you or to schedule an appointment for TB testing or any other services, you can visit their official website or contact their customer service for assistance.


Concentra is a trusted healthcare company that offers TB testing services, along with various other comprehensive medical services. Their commitment to early detection and treatment of TB helps protect individuals and communities from the spread of this contagious disease. By visiting Concentra, you can ensure that your healthcare needs are met efficiently and conveniently.