does trugreen do background checks

When it comes to hiring professionals for services such as lawn care and maintenance, homeowners often prioritize safety and security. One common concern is whether the company they hire conducts background checks on their employees. In the case of TruGreen, a well-known provider of lawn care services, you might be wondering if they take the necessary steps to ensure their employees are screened through background checks.

Understanding TruGreen’s Employee Screening Process

TruGreen recognizes the importance of trust and safety in their customers’ homes. To maintain high standards and build confidence, they have a comprehensive hiring process that includes thorough background checks on potential employees. Here’s an overview of TruGreen’s employee screening process:

  1. Application Review: TruGreen carefully reviews the applications of all potential candidates, ensuring they meet the necessary qualifications and requirements for the role.
  2. Interview Process: Qualified candidates are invited for interviews that assess their skills, experience, and fit for the company’s values.
  3. Background Check: TruGreen conducts comprehensive background checks on candidates who progress through the interview process. These checks include criminal record searches, verification of employment history, and driving record checks where relevant.
  4. Drug Screening: In addition to background checks, TruGreen requires all final candidates to undergo a drug screening process to ensure a safe working environment.

The combined efforts of application review, interviews, background checks, and drug screenings help TruGreen ensure that they hire trustworthy and qualified professionals to work on customers’ properties.

Benefits of TruGreen’s Background Checks

TruGreen’s commitment to conducting background checks on their employees offers various benefits to both the company and its customers. Here are some advantages of their diligent screening process:

  • Enhanced Safety: By thoroughly vetting employees, TruGreen minimizes the risk of undesirable individuals gaining access to customers’ homes.
  • Reliable Professionals: Background checks help TruGreen hire skilled and trustworthy individuals who can deliver quality lawn care services consistently.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that the professionals working on their properties have undergone rigorous background checks allows customers to feel secure and have peace of mind.

TruGreen’s Commitment to Trust and Safety

TruGreen’s dedication to trust and safety extends beyond their hiring process. Their employees also receive ongoing training, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills required to provide excellent lawn care services. Furthermore, TruGreen maintains liability insurance coverage, providing additional protection for their customers in the unlikely event of any unforeseen incidents or accidents.


To answer the question, “Does TruGreen do background checks?”, the answer is a resounding yes. TruGreen recognizes the importance of safety, trust, and providing high-quality services to their customers. By implementing a rigorous employee screening process, they demonstrate their commitment to ensuring their customers’ peace of mind and delivering reliable lawn care services.