does target still do ear piercings

Yes, Target still offers ear piercing services. If you’re considering getting your ears pierced, you can rely on Target’s experienced staff to provide a safe and professional experience. With their convenient locations and affordable prices, Target is a popular choice for ear piercing services.

How Does Target’s Ear Piercing Service Work?

When you visit Target for an ear piercing, here’s what you can expect:

  • Target uses the Inverness system, which is a safe and hygienic method of ear piercing.
  • The piercing is performed by trained professionals who follow strict safety and sterilization procedures.
  • First, you will choose your desired earrings from a selection of high-quality options.
  • The staff will clean and mark your earlobes, ensuring proper placement of the piercing.
  • Next, a sterilized piercing instrument will be used to create the hole in your earlobe.
  • The earrings will then be inserted into the new piercings, and aftercare instructions will be provided.

Overall, the procedure is quick, efficient, and carried out with your safety in mind.

Age Restrictions for Ear Piercing at Target

Target typically allows ear piercing for customers of any age, as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Customers under 18 years of age must have parental consent and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Both the child and the parent/guardian will be required to provide identification.
  • It’s recommended to call your local Target store ahead of time to verify any specific requirements or age restrictions they may have.

Pricing and Earring Options

The cost for ear piercing at Target may vary depending on the location, but it typically includes the earrings and aftercare solution. It’s best to check with your local Target store for current pricing information.

Target offers a range of earring options for you to choose from. They have a variety of styles, sizes, and materials available, including hypoallergenic options for those with sensitive ears. The earrings are designed to be both stylish and comfortable.

Aftercare Instructions and Maintenance

Proper aftercare is essential to ensure your new piercings heal well. Target will provide you with aftercare instructions and any necessary products to help you take care of your newly pierced ears. Here are some general aftercare tips you should follow:

  1. Clean your piercings regularly with a saline solution or the provided aftercare solution.
  2. Avoid touching the piercings with dirty hands.
  3. Avoid swimming in pools, hot tubs, or other bodies of water until your piercings have fully healed.
  4. Avoid sleeping on your newly pierced ears to minimize irritation.
  5. Be gentle when changing earrings, especially during the healing process.

Following these guidelines will help prevent infection and promote healthy healing of your new ear piercings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Target’s Ear Piercing Services

Here are answers to some common questions about Target’s ear piercing services:

Can I bring my own earrings?No, Target requires you to use their earrings for the piercing to ensure safety and hygiene.
Do I need to make an appointment?It’s recommended to call your local Target store and inquire about their appointment policy, as it may vary.
What if I have a previous ear piercing infection?If you have had an infection in the past, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before getting your ears pierced again.

Remember to consult your local Target store or their website for any specific questions or concerns you may have regarding their ear piercing services.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking to get your ears pierced, Target is still a great option. With their dedicated staff, adherence to safety protocols, and a wide range of earring choices, Target provides a convenient and reliable ear piercing service. Ensure you follow the provided aftercare instructions to maintain the health and beauty of your new piercings. Happy piercing!