does pottery barn do afterpay

Yes, Pottery Barn does offer Afterpay as a payment option for online purchases. Afterpay is a popular “buy now, pay later” service that allows customers to split their purchase into four equal installments, which are paid every two weeks. This allows shoppers to spread out the cost of their purchase and make budgeting easier. With Pottery Barn offering Afterpay, customers can enjoy the convenience of shopping for beautiful home furnishings and decor items without having to pay the full amount upfront.

How Does Afterpay Work?

Afterpay simplifies the payment process by dividing the total purchase amount into four installments. Here’s how it works:

  • Select Afterpay as the payment option at the checkout page on Pottery Barn’s website.
  • Provide your payment details and complete the purchase.
  • The first installment, which is one-fourth of the total amount, will be charged immediately.
  • The remaining three installments will be automatically deducted from your chosen payment method every two weeks.

It’s important to note that Afterpay is only available for online orders and not for in-store purchases at Pottery Barn. Additionally, Afterpay is subject to eligibility requirements and availability based on certain factors.

Benefits of Using Afterpay at Pottery Barn

There are several advantages to using Afterpay as a payment option at Pottery Barn. Some of these benefits include:

  • No interest or hidden fees: Afterpay does not charge any interest or additional fees if payments are made on time.
  • Convenient payment schedule: With installments spread out over six weeks, Afterpay allows customers to budget their expenses more effectively.
  • Instant approval and easy setup: Afterpay’s approval process is quick, and setting up an account is simple and straightforward.
  • Seamless shopping experience: Afterpay integrates seamlessly with Pottery Barn’s online checkout process, providing a smooth and hassle-free payment option.

By taking advantage of Afterpay, customers can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of splitting their payments while still being able to enjoy Pottery Barn’s extensive range of high-quality home furnishings.

Afterpay Limitations and Considerations

While Afterpay offers many benefits, it’s important to consider some limitations and factors before using this payment option at Pottery Barn:

  1. Eligibility requirements: Afterpay eligibility is subject to various factors such as creditworthiness and location. Not all customers may qualify for Afterpay.
  2. Late payment fees: If a payment is missed, Afterpay charges late fees, which can increase the overall cost of the purchase.
  3. Budgeting responsibility: Customers should consider their ability to make all four payments on time to avoid any financial strain or additional fees.
  4. Item availability: Using Afterpay may not guarantee immediate availability of the desired items, as they may still be subject to stock limitations or order processing time.

Before using Afterpay, it’s essential to review the terms and conditions, including the payment schedule and potential fees, to ensure it aligns with your financial situation and purchasing needs.

Afterpay vs. Other Payment Options

When considering payment options at Pottery Barn, it’s worth comparing Afterpay to other alternatives. Here’s a table comparing Afterpay to two commonly used payment methods:

Payment OptionInterest ChargesFeesPayment Schedule
AfterpayNo interest charges if payments are made on time.No hidden fees if payments are made on time.Four installments every two weeks for six weeks.
Credit CardInterest charges may apply if the balance is not paid in full by the due date.Annual fees and other charges may apply.Flexible payment options, subject to credit card terms.
Debit CardNo interest charges.No additional fees for most transactions.Immediate payment in full at the time of purchase.

By comparing the features and requirements of different payment options, customers can make an informed decision based on their financial circumstances and preferences.


Pottery Barn offers the convenience of Afterpay, allowing customers to enjoy their chic and timeless home furnishings while splitting the payments into four installments. With Afterpay, customers can shop with ease and budget more effectively. However, it’s important to consider the eligibility requirements and potential fees associated with Afterpay to ensure a seamless shopping experience. By exploring various payment options and understanding their benefits and limitations, customers can make the right choice that suits their needs and financial situation.