does o’reilly do background checks

Yes, O’Reilly does conduct background checks on potential employees as a standard part of their hiring process. Background checks are an essential tool used by organizations to ensure that they make informed decisions when hiring new employees. By conducting these checks, O’Reilly aims to create a safe and secure work environment and to protect both its employees and customers.

Types of Background Checks

O’Reilly utilizes various types of background checks to gather relevant information about applicants. These checks typically include:

  • Criminal Record Check: O’Reilly checks applicants’ criminal history at the county, state, and federal levels to identify any potential red flags.
  • Employment Verification: O’Reilly verifies the accuracy of applicants’ employment history, ensuring that the information provided aligns with reality.
  • Education Verification: O’Reilly confirms the educational qualifications of applicants to ensure they possess the necessary credentials for the desired role.
  • Reference Checks: O’Reilly contacts the references provided by applicants to gain insights into their previous work performance and overall character.
  • Motor Vehicle Record Check: For positions that require driving, O’Reilly reviews applicants’ motor vehicle records to assess their driving history and ensure they meet the company’s criteria.

It is worth noting that the specific types of background checks conducted by O’Reilly may vary depending on the position being applied for and the jurisdiction in which the applicant resides.

Background Check Process

The background check process at O’Reilly typically involves the following steps:

  1. Applicant Authorization: Before initiating a background check, O’Reilly requires applicants to provide written consent to conduct the check. This consent is usually obtained through a signed authorization form or an electronic consent process.
  2. Third-Party Screening: O’Reilly partners with reputable third-party background screening companies to handle the actual background checks. These companies are experienced in conducting comprehensive checks and follow legal guidelines to maintain accuracy and privacy.
  3. Information Gathering: The screening company collects information from various sources, including databases, court records, educational institutions, and previous employers, to compile a comprehensive report on the applicant.
  4. Review and Assessment: O’Reilly’s hiring team carefully reviews the background check report and assesses its findings. They consider the nature of the offense, its relevance to the job, and any evidence of rehabilitation when making hiring decisions.
  5. Decision Making: Based on the information gathered during the background check process, O’Reilly determines whether to proceed with the candidate’s application. The presence of certain criminal records or discrepancies in employment history may impact the final decision.

Confidentiality and Compliance

O’Reilly understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality and complying with legal requirements when conducting background checks. They take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal information collected during the process is handled securely and with respect to privacy laws and regulations.

It is crucial to note that the decision to conduct background checks is made at the discretion of O’Reilly. They follow all applicable laws and regulations and strive to maintain a fair and unbiased hiring process that considers applicants’ qualifications, skills, and experiences alongside the findings of the background check.

Limitations of Background Checks

While background checks are valuable tools, it is essential to recognize their limitations. They provide information based on available records, but there may be instances where records are incomplete or inaccurate. Moreover, background checks cannot predict future behavior, and individuals can change over time.

O’Reilly acknowledges these limitations and uses background checks as part of a comprehensive evaluation process that includes interviews, references, and assessment of qualifications. The company strives to make informed decisions while offering opportunities for growth and development.


In conclusion, O’Reilly does perform background checks as part of its hiring process. These checks help the company ensure a safe and secure work environment while making informed decisions about potential employees. By conducting various types of background checks and maintaining confidentiality and compliance, O’Reilly aims to create a fair and unbiased hiring process that considers both the qualifications of applicants and the findings of the background check. However, it is important to note that background checks have limitations, and O’Reilly takes a comprehensive approach to evaluate candidates.