does firestone do lift kits

Firestone is a well-known tire and automotive service provider that offers a wide range of services to its customers. But when it comes to lift kits, does Firestone provide this particular service? Let’s explore further to find out.

What is a Lift Kit?

A lift kit is a modification to a vehicle that raises its suspension system, allowing for greater ground clearance. Lift kits are often sought after by off-road enthusiasts or those who require increased clearance for larger tires. It involves installing various components to lift the body or alter the suspension system of a vehicle.

Installation of Lift Kits at Firestone

While Firestone specializes in tires and automotive services, they do not typically offer lift kit installations. Lift kit installations can be complex and require specialized expertise. However, Firestone can still be of assistance if you’re interested in getting a lift kit for your vehicle.

Firestone as a Resource for Lift Kits

Although Firestone may not provide lift kit installations, they can still be a valuable resource in helping you navigate your lift kit journey. Here’s what you can expect from Firestone:

  • Consultation: Firestone’s experienced technicians can offer guidance and advice on lift kits suitable for your vehicle.
  • Quality Parts and Accessories: Firestone carries a selection of lift kit components, including springs, shocks, and other related accessories.
  • Installation Recommendations: While Firestone may not perform the installation themselves, they can recommend trusted and skilled professionals who specialize in lift kit installations.

By leveraging Firestone’s expertise and product offerings, you can gain valuable insights and resources for your lift kit project.

Finding Local Lift Kit Installers

If you’re considering a lift kit for your vehicle, finding a reputable installer is crucial. Firestone can help you in this aspect as well. They can provide recommendations on local mechanics or specialty shops that offer lift kit installations. Ensuring your lift kit installation is done correctly is essential for the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Here is an example table showing a hypothetical list of local installers recommended by Firestone, based on their reputation and expertise:

Off-Road MotorsportsCity AOff-road vehicles and lift kits
Rocky Mountain CustomsCity BCustomizations and lift kit installations
Auto Performance CenterCity CLift kits and performance upgrades


While Firestone may not provide lift kit installations, they can certainly be a valuable resource and provide guidance when it comes to lift kits. They offer consultation, quality components, and recommendations for reputable installers. By leveraging their expertise, you can make informed decisions and find trusted professionals to bring your lift kit vision to life.