does carvana do car leases

Carvana, the online car buying platform, provides customers with a convenient and streamlined car purchasing experience. However, when it comes to car leasing, Carvana operates differently than traditional dealerships. Let’s delve into whether Carvana offers car leases and explore the options available to potential customers.

1. Carvana’s Business Model

Carvana’s business model primarily focuses on selling used cars rather than offering car leasing options. The company specializes in providing a vast inventory of pre-owned vehicles that customers can browse and purchase online through their website. Carvana aims to simplify the car buying process by eliminating traditional dealership visits and allowing customers to complete their transactions entirely online. This unique approach sets Carvana apart from typical car leasing providers.

2. How Carvana Works

When purchasing a car from Carvana, customers can choose from numerous financing options, including securing an auto loan through Carvana. However, Carvana’s financing options revolve around buying a vehicle rather than leasing it. Once the purchase is confirmed, Carvana offers delivery or the option to pick up the vehicle from one of their car vending machines, adding to the convenience factor for customers.

3. Car Leasing Alternatives

Although Carvana does not offer traditional car leases, they do provide alternative options for customers looking for short-term or flexible ownership arrangements:

  • Carvana’s FlexDrive: Carvana offers a subscription-based service known as FlexDrive. This program allows customers to choose from a selection of pre-owned vehicles and pay a monthly fee that covers insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. While not technically a lease, FlexDrive provides an option similar to leasing, offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Third-Party Leasing: While Carvana does not provide leasing options directly, they do work with third-party financing partners who may offer lease options. By partnering with these institutions, Carvana can provide customers with possible lease options through these external sources.

4. Benefits of Carvana’s Approach

Even though Carvana does not offer car leases, their unique platform for buying used cars online provides several advantages:

  • Convenience: Carvana’s online platform allows customers to buy and finance a car without leaving their homes, streamlining the process.
  • Extensive Inventory: Carvana offers a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles, allowing customers to find a car that fits their needs and budget.
  • Transparent Buying Process: Carvana provides customers with detailed vehicle information, including photos, vehicle history reports, and Carvana’s own 150-point inspection results.

5. Contacting Carvana for More Information

If you are particularly interested in car leasing or would like more information about Carvana’s offerings, it is recommended to contact Carvana’s customer support directly. Their knowledgeable representatives can answer any specific questions you may have and provide guidance on available options that suit your needs.

In conclusion, while Carvana does not specialize in car leases, they do offer flexible ownership alternatives through their subscription-based service, FlexDrive. Additionally, Carvana collaborates with third-party financing partners who may provide lease options. When considering Carvana for your car purchase, it is essential to research and explore the various options they provide to find the best fit for your specific requirements.