does care com do a background check

Yes, does conduct background checks on their caregivers to ensure the safety and well-being of their users. As an online platform connecting families with caregivers, takes the responsibility of vetting their caregivers seriously.

What is a background check?

A background check is a process of investigating a person’s criminal, employment, educational, and financial history. It helps provide an overview of an individual’s character, trustworthiness, and qualifications. It is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and security of those seeking caregivers for their loved ones.

What does’s background check include?’s background check consists of several components that provide a comprehensive view of a caregiver’s background and credentials:

  • Criminal Records Check: searches national and county databases to uncover any criminal records related to the caregiver.
  • Sex Offender Registry Check: They also check if the caregiver is registered as a sex offender.
  • Identity Verification: verifies the caregiver’s identity through a combination of government-issued identification documents.
  • Driving Records Check: If the caregiver is expected to drive as part of their duties, checks their driving records to ensure they have a valid driver’s license and a safe driving history.
  • References: contacts the caregiver’s references to gather insights into their character, work ethic, and reliability.
  • Education and Certification Verification: verifies the caregiver’s educational qualifications and any certifications or licenses they claim to possess.

All these checks are conducted to ensure that the caregiver has a clean record and meets the necessary requirements to provide quality care.

The limitations of’s background check

While’s background check is a thorough process, it is important to note that it has its limitations:

  1. The background check relies on the information provided by the caregiver. If they provide false or inaccurate information, it may not be detected during the screening process.
  2. The background check is limited to the caregiver’s history within the United States. It does not cover their international background or criminal records from other countries.
  3. The process cannot predict future behavior; it provides a snapshot of the caregiver’s past at the time of the background check.

It is recommended that families supplement the background check with thorough interviews, reference checks, and follow-up conversations to ensure a suitable match.

Why is a background check important?

Background checks are crucial when it comes to selecting a caregiver because:

  • They provide important insights into a caregiver’s integrity, trustworthiness, and past behavior.
  • They help identify any criminal history that could pose a potential risk to vulnerable individuals, such as children or seniors.
  • They give families peace of mind, knowing that they have made an informed decision based on verified information.
  • They show a caregiver’s commitment to professionalism and dedication to their role.’s commitment to safety understands the importance of safety and strives to create a secure platform for families and caregivers to connect. In addition to conducting background checks, provides other safety tools and resources:

Safety FeaturesDescription
Secure MessagingUsers can communicate through’s secure messaging system without revealing personal contact information until they choose to do so.
Trust & Safety offers comprehensive guides on safety best practices, including tips on hiring, interviews, and contracts.
Rating & ReviewsUsers can review and rate caregivers based on their experiences, helping others make informed decisions.
24/7 Customer provides round-the-clock customer support to address any concerns or issues that may arise.’s commitment to safety ensures that families can find trusted caregivers while caregivers can build their professional reputation on a secure platform.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to the safety and well-being of those under our care, conducting background checks is an essential step. recognizes this responsibility and performs thorough background checks on their caregivers, including criminal records, sex offender registration, identity verification, driving records, references, education, and certification verification. While the background check process has its limitations, combining it with interviews and reference checks can help families make informed decisions.’s dedication to safety extends beyond background checks, providing additional safety features and resources for users. By prioritizing safety, strives to create a secure and trustworthy platform for families and caregivers to connect with confidence.