does blueground do credit checks

Blueground, a reputable rental company, is known for providing high-quality furnished apartments across various cities. One of the common concerns among potential tenants is whether Blueground conducts credit checks. Understanding the company’s policies on credit checks can help individuals make informed decisions when considering renting through Blueground.

What are credit checks?

Credit checks are an essential part of the rental process. They involve assessing a tenant’s credit history to determine their ability to pay rent consistently and on time. These checks provide landlords or rental companies with insights into an individual’s financial responsibility.

Blueground’s approach to credit checks

When it comes to credit checks, Blueground takes a slightly different approach compared to traditional rental processes. Blueground evaluates applicants based on various parameters without relying solely on credit scores. While the company may consider credit history, it focuses more on other factors to ensure a fair evaluation.

1. Comprehensive application process

Blueground implements an extensive application process that includes collecting detailed personal information and financial documentation from potential tenants. This process allows the company to assess the applicant’s overall financial situation and gauge their ability to meet rental obligations.

2. Employment verification

As part of its evaluation process, Blueground verifies the employment status and financial stability of applicants. By confirming the tenant’s income source, they can ensure that the tenant has a stable financial background to meet rental payments.

3. Rental payment history

Instead of relying solely on credit scores, Blueground pays attention to an applicant’s rental payment history. By considering payment behavior in previous rentals, the company gains valuable insights into the applicant’s financial responsibility.

4. Security deposit requirement

To mitigate any potential risks, Blueground requires tenants to pay a security deposit. This deposit serves as a form of insurance for the company and provides them with additional security in the absence of traditional credit checks.

5. International tenants

Blueground is well-known for accommodating international tenants. For applicants who lack a local credit history, Blueground provides alternative solutions to assess their financial standing, such as accepting a higher security deposit or requesting additional financial documentation to ensure their ability to fulfill rental obligations.


While Blueground may still consider an applicant’s credit history as part of the evaluation process, it is not the sole determining factor. Blueground’s unique approach to credit checks ensures that potential tenants are not solely judged on their credit scores. Through a comprehensive evaluation process encompassing employment verification, rental payment history, and other financial factors, the company aims to make renting accessible to a diverse range of tenants. So, if you are considering renting through Blueground, rest assured that their evaluation process goes beyond traditional credit checks.