does beckett do crossover grading

Yes, Beckett does offer crossover grading services for collectors who want to have their trading cards professionally graded. Crossover grading is a process where collectors who have already submitted their cards to another grading company can have them re-evaluated and re-graded by Beckett, a trusted name in the industry. This service provides collectors with an opportunity to have their cards graded by multiple reputable companies, ensuring a more accurate assessment of the card’s condition and value.

Understanding Beckett Grading Services

Beckett Grading Services (BGS) is a leading company in the trading card grading industry. They provide collectors with reliable and trustworthy evaluations of their cards, helping determine their condition, authenticity, and overall value. Beckett offers different grading options, including crossover grading, to cater to the diverse needs of collectors. Here is a breakdown of their services:

  1. Standard Grading: This is Beckett’s primary service, where cards are assessed for their condition on a 10-point scale, considering factors like centering, corners, edges, and surface.
  2. Vintage Grading: This service focuses on cards that were released prior to 1981, establishing a separate grading scale to account for the unique characteristics of vintage cards.
  3. Autograph Authentication: Beckett’s autograph authentication service ensures that autographed cards are genuine, providing collectors with peace of mind and increased value.
  4. Raw Card Review: This option allows collectors to obtain a quick opinion on the potential grade of their cards before deciding whether to proceed with the formal grading process.

The Process of Crossover Grading

Crossover grading is a straightforward process offered by Beckett for collectors who wish to have their cards re-evaluated after being graded by another company. The steps involved in crossover grading are as follows:

  1. Submission: Collectors need to submit their previously graded cards along with the grading report from the other company to Beckett. An application form must be filled out, ensuring all necessary information is provided.
  2. Verification: Beckett carefully examines the card and the accompanying grading report to verify the authenticity and correctness of the previous grading.
  3. Re-Grading: Once the verification process is complete, Beckett’s experts will re-evaluate the card, taking into consideration their own grading standards and expertise.
  4. New Grade Assignment: After the re-evaluation, Beckett will assign a new grade to the card based on their assessment. This new grade will be independent of the previous one assigned by the other grading company.
  5. Grading Report: Finally, Beckett will provide a new grading report that includes the newly assigned grade and any additional information regarding the card’s condition.

It is important to note that crossover grading does not guarantee a higher grade from Beckett than the previous grading company. Beckett has their own set of grading standards, which may differ from others in the industry. However, collectors can benefit from getting multiple opinions on the condition and value of their cards, leading to a more comprehensive understanding.

Benefits of Crossover Grading

Crossover grading offers several advantages for collectors who want to get a second opinion on their cards’ condition and value:

  • Multiple Perspectives: By having cards re-evaluated by different grading companies, collectors can gain insights from various experts in the field, enhancing their knowledge of the industry standards.
  • Market Understanding: Different grading companies may have slightly varying grading standards and market perceptions. Crossover grading helps collectors understand how their cards are valued across different markets.
  • Accurate Valuation: Obtaining multiple grades for a card can help collectors determine a more accurate and reliable value for buying, selling, or trading.

Cost and Turnaround Time

The pricing and turnaround time for crossover grading depend on various factors such as the number of cards, service level chosen, and current demand. Collectors should refer to Beckett’s official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information regarding costs and turnaround times.


In conclusion, Beckett does offer crossover grading services to collectors who wish to have their cards re-graded after being evaluated by another grading company. By leveraging Beckett’s expertise and reputation in the industry, collectors can benefit from a second opinion on their cards’ condition and value. Crossover grading provides a valuable opportunity to gain multiple perspectives and enhance market understanding, leading to a more accurate valuation of collectible trading cards.