When Fires Breed Blood

©2000 Lost Disciple Records

Chapter I
"The Fires, Burning Cold"
1. Clouds Donning the Black Sky
2. ...And Hate Embraced This Night
Chapter II
"A Call To Arms"
3. Legions March Unto Earthly Realms
Chapter III
"The Battles"
4. Vengeance Before Valor
5. A Tears Descent From Heaven
Chapter IV
"A Victory Celebration"
6. At Journey's End
Chapter V
"The Rebirth"
7. From Ashes We Rise
8. Forever Silent

J. Van Fossen - guitar/vocals
John McElroy - bass
Rob Alaniz - drums

Dr. Daniel Luzko - piano
Albert Gonzales - guest guitar solos (tracks 2, 4, 6)
James "Vyal" Reyes - cover art/guest vocals (tracks 5, 6, 8)
Darin Winn - art (back)
Rob Alaniz - graphic design/layout (preliminary)
Erika Swinnich - graphic design/layout (final)
Liberty Jaswal - photography
Tom Shao/Jake Wilson - co-writers of "A Tears Descent From Heaven"
Brian Le Brun - sound engineer/co-producer/mastering