2006 Quadrivium Records(QUA-014)

"After many years the mighty Noctuary return with "Recollection" a masterpiece of impressive and power full Death/Black metal. The band once again emerges as one of the leaders of the American Death/Black metal elite with this innovative and dark release. Never deviating from the left hand path Noctuary evolves and triumphs."



When Fires Breed Blood
2000 Lost Disciple(LDR010)

"The brilliant and masterful followup!! A conceptual album showing off their supreme talent and skill within their memorable and melodic songwriting. Using embellishments NEVER before heard in black metal, yet never deviating from their roots of hatred and contempt!! A huge progression from the debut tha will drag you into the abyss unmercifully!!"-Lost Disciple Records


For Salvation...
1998 Lost Disciple (LDR004)

"Traditional black metal with noticible influence from the TRUE metal masters, being that of old Iron Maiden and Ozzy!(Megadeth/Metallica) It's a sound that is VERY fresh and unique in it's approach and the music/songs are very memorable and distinct!! this has got it all, from blazing speed to moody passages cover the entire spectrum of negative and evil emotions!! A new evil has arisen under a banner of victory drenched in blood!!"-Lost Disciple Records


Where All Agony Prevails
1996/2000 Largactyl Records (LR001)

The demo that started it all. Recorded back in the fall of '96 and distributed shortly thereafter. Two-hundred copies were mailed out worldwide, which garnered much recognition and underground support. By mid '97 Noctuary had made a name for itself in the international metal underground. Hated or appreciated, the name remained in the minds of those who were out to support or destroy US black metal.